12 september 2019

Let´s get to business with sustainability!

We need to work together to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and: business is a key contributor! Join us in a seminar and workshop around how we can accelerate the process!

In 2022 we are halfway to 2030 since the agreement on both the SDGs and the Climate Agreement. To reach the SDGs by 2030 all countries and all organizations should have come at least halfway by 2022. This is why the 2022 Initiative Foundation was founded.

In this seminar you will hear Helena Lindemark on why it is crucial to set mid-way goals and how we can work together through business and innovations.


Helena Lindemark is an entrepreneur connected with Coompanion Stockholm. She is the founder of the 2022 Initiative Foundation and Sustainable Development Sweden AB (Hållbar Utveckling Sverige). She has been working with sustainable development since 1991 at the United Nations, Sida – Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete, EU and the private sector.

Who should attend:

Cooperatives working with social innovations, entrepreneurs with sustainable business ideas, professionals working in organizations that need to bring in sustainability into their businesses, public sector organizations working towards the SDGs, speakers and public figures who want to learn more about sustainability, students planning to create a startup together, and anyone connected to entrepreneurship and sustainability.


Sustainable Development Sweden AB is a for-benefit-company helping organizations to integrate sustainability into their core business. The company is also implementing partner to the 2022 Initiative Foundation.

Event plan

18.00-18.10 Check-in, mingle, coffee
18.10-18.20 Intro by Coompanion Stockholm
18.20-19.00 Presentation & Workshop
19.00-19.30 Closing Remarks, Q&A, Mingle

Tid: 12 sept kl 18:00 – 19:30
Plats: Impact Hub Stockholm, Luntmakargatan 25, Stockholm

This event is powered by Impact Hub Stockholm!

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