15 oktober 2019

Lunch & Learn: Key things to consider in setting up your first venture

Welcome to public Lunch & Learn series at Norrsken House!

Do you have an idea that can change the world? Are you starting a company or forming a team? Are you a student with a dream to set up a startup? Do you need help with structuring your idea, business model, business plan, team dynamics, value proposition, pitch deck? Are you a company in early stage and need help with growth planning?

Is it the team, the culture, the product, the business model? Should the focus be on profit or purpose? How do you create influence as an entrepreneur? How do you divide your responsibilities as a team? What company formats are appropriate for what situation? How to bring sustainability in focus? How to divide your time? Is it a good idea to run a startup as a part-time pursuit? There are a million questions on minds of entrepreneurs and change-makers. This talk is aimed clearing out some of the mist surrounding startup creation and getting some concrete tips.

Come and meet Naimul Abd. He is a business adviser at Coompanion, a national entrepreneurship support organization with 25 regional offices providing free business advice to entrepreneurs who want to start a company together. At Coompanion Stockholm, Naimul helps teams of entrepreneurs with coaching sessions on idea structuring, finding the right organizational form, business model development, marketing and commercialization, pitching and much more. He meets more than 500+ entrepreneurs every year and has also run a 3 year EU funded project in Kronoberg, Sweden to improve entrepreneurship ecosystem for foreign entrepreneurs. Naimul is also an early stage-investor and impact entrepreneur, so he brings on table practical learning points as well. Last but not the least, Naimul has worked for more than 15 years advising more than 20 multinational companies on strategic marketing and has been a marketing director as well. From corporate advisory to startups advisory, what are the parallels and differences? Should you take the leap of faith? How, why, when!

This event is organized by Norrsken House.

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