15 april 2020

INSTÄLLT SEMINARIUM: Mastering Social Innovation with Digital Solutions

Obs, detta seminarium är inställt pga rådande situation kring spridning av Coronaviruset.

We have stretched the planet’s resources with our blatant disregard for the environment. We are fast heading into global catastrophe from which there may be no return. At the same time our leaders and pillars of capitalism are creating divides with negative rhetoric. Although we have come a long way on social development indicators as a civilization, much needs to be done! 

We invite you to join us in an innovation sprint where you form groups with other entrepreneurs and social innovators, create new ideas and digital solutions to solve social and environment problems. You will explore different platforms and use tools in the digital toolbox to sketch a prototype with potential to become a sustainable solution for both current and future social challenges.

This event is for those of you who believe that technical solutions can do more to help master social innovations. If you already have a solution or idea in mind, you can find partners to work with in making that idea concrete!

What you will leave with:

Session leads
The session will be led by Lidaw Pello-Esso, Mohamed Beyan and Naimul Abd. Lidaw is CEO of Maniva Digital, a provider of digital platforms and IT-solutions, who have received business development support from Coompanion Stockholm. Lidaw has experience working as a strategic IT consultant, and over 6 years as Nordics sales manager in the healthcare sector, providing both hard- and software solutions.

Mohamed is Co-founder of Maniva Digital with a long experience in Start-ups and Product Management within data and analytics. Mohamed has launched and developed products in 7 years using different digital technologies and methodologies.

Naimul Abd is a business advisor at Coompanion Stockholm. Naimul has also run an EU-funded mini-incubator for three years in Småland and is also a serial impact-entrepreneur and early stage investor – in all he has coached and inspired thousands of early-stage entrepreneurs and startups in Sweden in the last 5 years.

Who should attend
Entrepreneurs, social innovators, impact startups, cooperatives, individuals planning to start a business or association together, entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem, investors, and professionals.

About Coompanion Stockholm
Coompanion Stockholm offers free business advice to start social enterprises, impact ventures, and startups. We are proud to have been a part of Maniva Digital’s startup journey. Planning to start a company or an association? Request a free business advisory session here.

Event plan
18.00-18.10 Check-in, mingle, coffee
18.10-18.30 Session orientation
18.30-19.30 Group Work
19.30-20.00 Pitching, Feedback, Mingle & Close

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