31 januari 2019

Self-Organization in an Age of Complexity

Welcome to public Lunch & Learn series at Norrsken House!

Do you have an idea that can change the world? Are you starting a company or forming a team? Are you a student with a dream to set up a startup? Do you need help with structuring your idea, business model, business plan, team dynamics, value proposition, pitch deck? Are you a company in early stage and need help with growth planning?


Society is facing a new age of complexity. In these times organizations need to let go and open up to the emerging future rather than trying to control it. Replacing hierarchies with fluid networks and enabling self-leadership through empowerment. Embracing “both and” – welcoming polarized perspectives where profit and purpose can co-exist together with efficiency and well being.

There are endless possibilities but how do we embrace them?
How do we transform our ego and organization?

Inspired by Reinventing Organizations, Agile Leadership and Adult stage development this lecture will provide suggestions and give examples of how you and your organization can embark on the journey towards self-organization. During the lecture, you will be invited to inquire within yourself and investigate your own potential together with others.

This will be awesome. Let’s rock n’ roll!

About the lecturer
Alexander Ingster Hofgren has an MBA, is a Business and Organizational Adviser at Coompanion, Co-Founder of Expanding Leadership and are lecturing about Collaborative Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Organization and Meditation.

Coompanion are providing free advice for start-ups and entrepreneurs collaborating for co-creating a future of social, environmental and economical sustainability.

Book a session at: www.stockholmsregionen.coompanion.se

If you’re planning on buying lunch in our café, make sure to come a few minutes early in order to get the food in time for the talk. Lunch will not be served. The event will be held in Moon, check for signs upon arrival.


Seminariet hålls på Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57C.

Datum: 31 jan

Tid: 12.00 – 13.00